Shuttered Venue Operators Grant: Instructions for IRS Form 4506-T

This video describes what Shuttered Venue Operators Grant applicants need to know to fill out the IRS form 4506-T.

*Text transcript:*

Welcome to the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant

This video will provide you instructions to properly fill out the IRS form 4506-T.

It is very important that you fill this form out completely and accurately otherwise the form will get rejected.

The SBA requires applicants to complete the IRS form 4506-T as part of their application submission.

This form authorizes the IRS to provide the federal income tax information directly to SBA.

Applicants must use the IRS form 4506-T located on the SVOG webpage, located at This form is specific to the SVOG program and includes some pre-filled information.

Applicants are required to submit 2019 tax year information and first quarter 2020 form 941. It is important to note that applicants from Puerto Rico will be requested to submit further documentation in addition to the IRS data apart upon application submission.

When you fill out the 4506-T, you must indicate what tax form was used when you filed your business federal income tax return. For example you may have filed a form 1040 or a form 1120, a form 1065 a form 990 or a form 1041.

For those using 1040-SR, 1120-S, or 990-EZ, you must include the alphabetic identifier following the form number on the 4506-T or it will be rejected.

For accuracy in transfer of information, it is recommended applicants review their 2019 federal tax return prior to completing the 4506-T.
• Important: applicants must ensure the employer identification number (EIN) or social security number (SSN) used on the 2019 federal tax return, is the same number placed on the 4506-T
• Applicants must ensure the address used to file the 2019 tax return is the same address placed on the 4506-T.
• The form type listed on your 2019 federal tax return is the form type you must use on the 4506-T.

Block 5B of the 4506-T must be filled out with your application number. The application number is be listed on the documentation panel in the application database. Here is an example of where you can expect to see the application number.

Once you have located your application number, you must populate block 5B on the 4506-T with that number prior to uploading the document.

It is also very important to pay attention to the signatory line. The box directly above the signatory line must indicate the individual signing has the authority to do so. The box below the signature must contain the correct title for this person authorized to sign.

There is an exception: a limited liability entity who filed their business taxes using a personal tax return schedule C should request the tax form 1040 schedule C. In this instance, no title is required on the signature line.

Please make sure you follow these important steps in filling out the 4506-T. For additional information and assistance with the form 4506-T visit

For general information about the IRS 4506-T visit the IRS website for the March 2019 version of the 4506-T

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration